Medical Aesthetic Counseling 

It’s an unique concept in Romania, that brings together the Visual Artist and the Plastic Surgeon in defining the patient aesthetics ideals, using the science of beauty.

Bogdan Lascar – PhD Visual Arts

20 years ago, the Visual Artist, Bogdan Lascar, has developed together with the Ioan Lascar Aesthetic and Reconstructive Clinic the concept of Medical Aesthetic Counseling.

Aesthetic Vision is a niche service,  part art, part mathematics of proportions, and part aesthetic philosophy and it’s purpose is to preserve and improve what is uniquely beautiful in each person.

In a relaxed environment, Bogdan Lascar invites the patients  to discover the image of their own beauty.

The essence of beauty it’s not about trends, it’s about sustaining the individual beauty and the purpose of the Visual Artist is to highlight the best you.

Preserving these unique features while enhancing preferences and using new technology our patients have the opportunity to visualize the results they can achieve.

Understanding of Aesthetic Ideals

“Since Ancient Times, the need for aesthetic perfection of the human physical appearances was perceived as a challenge.

The Art, as a vector of the most superior forms of human expression, became the excellent environment for cutting edge, invention, innovation and application of countless solutions in the subtle field of Beauty Science.

Through history, models and beauty patterns have succeeded inevitably,  their constant transformation is being motivated and supported by the very progress of human civilization.

This interesting mix between the refined and purely subjective domain of Visual Art and the pragmatically Medical Science can only be a happy and constructive one.

The unification of the two specializations with the patients preferences in mind, can help each one of us visualize the transformations based on our own forms and function.


Very important for the me as an artist to preserve and underline what is uniquely beautiful in each person. Sustaining the individual beauty of every face and improving what it’s given to reach its own beauty pattern.

The artist and  the plastic surgeon it’s the natural mix,   for a better understanding of aesthetic ideals that must be followed in the journey of finding perfection.”