Founder, organizer and director of the Plastic Surgery – Reconstructive Microsurgery Clinic, which functions within the Bucharest Emergency Hospital since 1984

Currently the Clinic addresses the full complexity of the plastic interventions, having a team of trained plastic surgeons or plastic surgeons in training that exceeds 60 doctors selected from 250 specialists and residents from around the country .

The volume of work and the complexity of performed interventions , addressing both scientific and research activity, and also the quality of results, recommend the Clinic for caring further the Romanian School of Plastic Surgery.

EBOPRAS activity – the permanent representative of Romania in the European Board of Plastic Surgery , actively involved  in issues that concern the activity internationally and as a delegate IPRAS in global harmonization of activities in the field of specialty .

Coordinator of all domestic and international connections for specialized or multidisciplinary institutions.

The Professor is the initiator and coordinator of methodological foundation of the Center for Excellence in Experimental Microsurgery, medical research it’s part of the Research Academy of Medical Sciences Platform. The initiator and organizer of all educational manifestations, scientific and professional in the field of specialty , since 2000 in Romania

As president of the Association of Plastic Surgeons of Romania (2003-2010) , the ongoing efforts are to reorganize the activity, professional and administrative – the ultimate goal being to fit quickly European Standards.

Reorganization the Care Network for patients with severe burns in Romania , creating and coordinating major centers in the country, setting in the Burned Department to fit the current international requirements.

President or member of numerous exams committees or specialized competitions.

Organizer and lecturer of numerous national and international courses , workshops.

The professor trained residents and students from Romania , USA, Ukraine , Albania , Greece , Italy, Germany , China , Syria , Iran , Lebanon, Qatar , Jordan , Moldova, Yemen , Morocco , Serbia , Mauritius

Managed two European Structural Funds projects , completed and validated 2013. Participant as an expert in medicine at two European Structural Funds projects , completed and validated in 2013.

Currently, the Professor is part of the development teams implementing projects financed from European Funds :

  • ” Excellence in scientific research , interdisciplinary, doctoral and postdoctoral in the areas of Economic , Social and Medical – EXCELIS “, POSDRU / 159 / 1.5 / S / 138 907 ( post-doctoral tutor)
  • Doctoral and Postdoctoral Research priority of Romanian higher education system ( Doc- Postdoc ) ” POSDRU / 159 / 1.5 / S / 137 390 ( Scientific Expert implementation)
  • ” PRESMED – European Practice for Medical Students “, POSDRU / 161 / 2.1 / G / 135 696 ( Responsible target group )



Scientific Works


Difficult Cases


Premiere in plastic surgery

Experience and Titles 

Chief of Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Microsurgery Department – Bucharest Emergency Hospital;

President of the Administrative Board of the National Institute of Gerontology and Geriatrics “Ana Aslan ” 2011 ;

President of the Medical College of Bucharest 2008-2015;

President of the ARACIS Commission for Medicine 2005-2008;

President of the Romanian Association of Plastic Surgeons 2003 – 2010;

Honorary President of the Romanian Association of Plastic Surgeons   2010-present;

Prorector of Science at School of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila”2004 – 2012;

Vice-president of the Romanian Academy for Medical Science – Bucharest 2011-present;

Committee President for Approval and Reception of Research Works at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila  2004 – 2011;

President of the Medical Sciences of the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education 2005-2013;

Committee Member of the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education 2013-prezent;

President of the Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Microsurgery Commission under the Health Department 2000-2015;

President of Honor for  Anti-Aging Medical Association  2006;

President of the Romanian Academic Society of Plastic Reconstructive Microsurgery 2001-2005;

President of Dr. Lascar Foundation ;

President of the Romanian Academy of Cosmetic Surgery 1993-2005;

Permanent Representative of Romania at EBOPRAS – Educational Department;  2005;

Permanent Representative of Romania at UEMS 2005 ;

Permanent Representative of Romania at IPRAS  2003;

Member of Honor of the Greek Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 2005;

Member of Honor of the Hungarian Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 2009;

Member of the Scientific Commission within the National Transplant Agency 2005;

Founding member of the Romanian Society for Traumatology 2005;

Member of C.N.A.T.D.C.U. (National Council for the Awarding of Academic Titles and Certificates) 2006-2012;


Member of the Mediterranean Council for Burns (MBC) 2006;

Founding member of the Transplant Society  2006;

Founding member of the Romanian Association of Wound Treatment 2006 ;

Member of the National Council for Clinical Nutrition 2006;

Member of honor of Radacini Society  2004;

Vice-president of Club Rotary Bucharest 2004 ;

Founding member of the Romanian Association for Telemedicine and Spatial Developments for Health 2004;

Vice-president of the Balkan Medical Union – National Romanian Division 2003;

Vice-president of the Romanian Society for Senology 2003;

Expert Assessor National Council for Scientific Research in Higher Education 2002;

Permanent Expert of National Council of Quality Insurance in Higher Education System 2005;

Member of European Nutritional Society 2002;

Founding member of the International Society for Hand Transplant and Composite Tissue 2001;

Member and Adviser of AITO 2001;

Member of the National Council of the College of Physicians in Romania 2000;

Editor in Chief of the journal Medical College of Bucharest and the Academy of Medical Sciences, ” Modern Medicine ” cotata CNCSIS B+ (cod CNCSIS: 475)  2008-2015;

Editor in chief of periodical “Annals of plastic surgery & reconstructive microsurgery”  1998;

Member of the Editorial Board – Romanian Journal of Clinical Nutrition published by the Romanian Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition;

Member of the Editorial Board – Romanian Journal of Morphology and Embryology;

Member of the Editorial Board– Journal of Medicine and Life;

Member of the European Association for Trauma and Emergency Surgery 1997;

Member of the International College of Surgeons (FICS) 1994;

Member of  AOS  1994;

Founding Memeber of Spitalul de Urgenta Society 1993.

Main activities and responsibilities

Chief of Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Microsurgery Department – Bucharest Emergency Hospital

PhD, doctoral dissertation ” Emergency surgical treatment of severe leg trauma ”

Fundamental procedures in the field of traumatology , hand surgery , plastic surgery and reconstructive microsurgery;

Serious leg open injuries , monograph and numerous papers presented on the consolidation treatment , technical variants – can be considered reference works in the field for our country;

Interests in reconstructive microsurgery since 1979 with experience in micro-surgical free transfer , addressing new techniques in the digital reconstruction and cosmetic surgery ;

More than 20 medical interventions performed for the first time in Romania;

Vast experience in the treatment of brachial plexus lesions;

Approach of surgical techniques related to trans-sexuality (first approach of this kind in Romania)etc;

Numerous re-plantation and revascularization procedures of amputated or severely traumatized extremities (more than 300 cases) which have been documented in various papers;

He has led the international team (formed by Romanian and United States surgeons) which operated the giant tumor weighting 70 kilograms, and constituting an unique case, given that the tumor had the weight of a person; the case has become known worldwide;

Interest towards the field of experimental microsurgery;
Vast experience in the field of plastic surgery;

Preparation of the residents and students from: Romania, U.S.A., Ukraine, Albania, Greece, Italy, China, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Qatar and Yemen;

The professional and scientific experience is materialized into more than 32 000 surgical interventions performed


  • Plastic Surgery
  • Traumatology
  • Vascular Microsurgery


Over  350 works published;

54 workes rated ISI ;


“Serious leg open injuries ” 1994

“Experimental Microsurgery” 2000

CD-Rom  „ Experimental Microsurgery“

“Principles of plastic surgery and reconstructive microsurgery’’ 2005

“Notebooks with surgical techniques” 2008

“Surgery Theses ” – vol. VI Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Microsurgery 2009


  • for the invention: “Biostimulative and healing cream for burns”
  • Gold medal at  62nd  Edition of Brussels International Exhibition of Inventions INNOVA 2013  for invention “Nervous conductors made of collagen and process for preparing the same”


Doctor ’’Honoris Causa”  – Ovidius University Ovidius Constanta 2006;

The Order “The Sanitary Merit”, with the Grand Officer rank for civilians 2004;

Excellence Diploma given by  ARACIS for improving  the quality of superior education, as President of Medical Science Committee 2009;

Excellence Diploma given by  Romanian Medical Association 2009;

Diploma for  ’’Dedication in the service of health ” given by Health Gala  TV – 2008;

Excellence Diploma given by Medical journalists Association under the patronage of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy ’’Iuliu Hatieganu’’- 2005;

Excellence Diploma given by National Confederation of Women for outstanding achievements in health care , and health education 2005;

Excellence Diploma given by Ovidius University, Constanta for supporting the Medical University development  2005;

Excellence Diploma given by Romania Scientist Academy  – 2004;


Award of Excellence of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – 2004;

National Award for Performance awarded by TOP BUSINESS – 2004;

Award for contribution to society  <Superlativele VIP 2004>;

Honorary Professor of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Targu-Mures;

Excellence Award – first edition – 16 decembber  2004 “The most important medical premiere in Romania”-  Lucic Bunghez giant tumor removal;

Excellence Award – first edition – 16 decembber  2004 – Section of Medical Scientific nominated Excellence  Awards 2004 for outstanding contributions in medicine, surgery specialty

Honorary Citizen of Comanesti 2004;

Honorary Citizen of Busteni 2014;

Award badge ” Revealed in care work ” 3 times;

Numerous excellence titles and prizes awarded by Government Organizations, Non-governmental Organizations and the Media.